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Table of Contents

Phase 1: Building the link to the Soul, the Rainbowbridge

 Introduction : An overview of the Rainbow Bridge Techniques

        About the Developers of the Rainbow Bridge Techniques  

What is the Soulstar

The Soul Invocation: A mantra to Identify with the Soul and Activate the Soul Star

Chart 5- Shows a diagram of the relation of the three head centers with the rainbow bridge, the Soul,  the permanent atoms and the 7 planes.

        ND's Clairvoyant observations on the use of the Soul Mantram and Soul Star

Building the Central Channel: The Soul Does the Work

Video showing How to Build the Central Channel using Triangulation. Updated Sept 8 2021

Resource for getting the Central Channel, Antahkarana Checked 

Using the Spiritual Vortex to Sweep Loose Debris from the Aura 

Video of the Spiritual Vortex            Updated Sept 8 2021      

Widening the Central Channel.

Spiritual Protective Techniques   

Phase 2: Purification and Karma Clearing - Removal of the Obstacles to Union with the Soul

The Daily Alignment and Centering Technique: Daily Movement of the Soul Star through the Central Channel followed by the Vortex.

Rainbow Bridge Phase 2: Introduction to the removal of thought form patterns

    Word Form / Line Form Clearing : Clearing Process developed by Josephine and Norman Stevens Using verbs and structured sentences 

      Alternate Soul Star Clearing  Technique  Clearing Process developed by Ronald Tiggle with the clairvoyant assistance of Ann Meril using the light of the Soul Star to remove Internal and External Patterns.

    Progress Report on Soul Star Clearing Study  

    Building a Standing Vortex or Buddhic Column to purify a location 

Workshops and Meditation Meeting

        Zoom Presentation on the Rainbow Bridge will be presented on September 26, 2021 to the Manitoba Astrological Association. See more information and Zoom link here. NEW July 2021

If you would like to sponsor a Rainbow Bridge Workshop, you can contact  Dr. Ronald Tiggle at SoulStarTech@gmail.com .NEW   July 2021

Important related concepts


Bridge of Light by Aart Jurriaanse          

Antahkarana: Quotes by the Tibetan Master

The Soul, Egoic Lotus, and Causal Body by Aart Jurriaanse

Devas (Angels) and Elementals by Aart Jurriaanse 


Definition of Invocation and Evocation

The Power of Thought by R. Tiggle

Definition and Paintings of Thought-forms

Thought Forms By Annie Besant and CW Leadbeater (Shows paintings of thougth-forms and the effects they have on our life and circumstance) This  book provides the key to understanding how we help or hinder ourselves through our patterns of habitual thinking. A must read.

Quotes by the Tibetan Master on thought-forms

        Constitution of Man

                 Constitution of Man - Introduction

 Man and His Bodies by Annie Besant  a more detailed presentation on the constitution of man covering the physical, etheric, emotional / astral, mental and higher bodies of man. 

Chakras: Quotes by the Tibetan Master

The Soul and Its Instrument by Lucille Cedercrans. Updated July 3 2021    This book describes the relation of the Soul to its instruments, the etheric, astral, and mental body with detailed information on how they function as tools for the soul; includes meditation  techniques. Available as a free down load or can be purchased. 

                 Etheric Double by A. E. Powell - A detailed book on the Etheric or Vital Body NEW    Jul 3 2021

                 The Astral Body by A. E. Powell - A detailed book on the Astral Body  New July 3 2021

                 Mental Body by A. E. Powell -  A detailed book on the Mental Body  NEW    July 3 2021

      Diet and Health: Quotes by the Tibetan Master  

      Quotes on the Christ by the Tibetan Master and A.A.B.

     Quotes on the Planetary Hierarchy by the Tibetan Master

     Six Stages of Discipleship

     Ponder on This - A compilation of extracts of the Tibetan Masters Teachings covering 185 topics. It is online here  

     Pantanjali Yoga Sutras translated by Charles Johnston - It is suggested that students start with this version of the Sutras because it is shorter and      easier to understand before moving on to the Yoga Sutras translated by the Tibetan shown below. NEW    Feb. 20 2022

    Patanjali Yoga Sutras translated by the Tibetan Master  

      Seven Rays - An Introductory Tabulation

      The Seven Rays: A theosophical handbook on the 7 Rays by Ernest Wood 



    My Bio


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