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The Standing Vortex or Buddhic Column

Figure 9. Buddhic Column or Standing Vortex


A Buddhic column is a permanent  column of Buddhic fire, linked into the planetary network, which may be built virtually anywhere-- such as markets, air ports, theatres, locations of ill repute, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, your home, and other public or private places. It functions to continuously clear the area of negative energies. It is based on the spiral spinning motion of all matter, including the atom, which is itself composed of tiny vortices. It can be made as large as is necessary.  

The components of this structure are:

    1. A 5-pointedl Star often called the Star of the World Teacher, the Bodhisattva /  the Christ (five pointed star)

    2. A thread of buddhic substance from the Great Deva (Angel) of  the Buddhic plane which is anchored deep into the Earth.

    3. A rotating, tornado-like mass of atomic subplane matter, centered around this thread, with the tip connected to the Star.

Around the anchored Buddhic thread, the disciple creates with the cooperation of the the great Deva of the Buddhic plane a great and powerful vortex, its tip connected to the 5-pointed Star and its wide part sitting on the surface, like an upside-down spinning top as shown in the diagram above. Actually, you don't have to worry about which way to rotate the standing vortex.  The Devas are very familiar with this thought-form and will automatically spin it in the right direction without guidance from you. However, the following information on the rotation of the vortex is provided for the curious.  Viewed from above, looking down, the rotation in this case will probably be counter-clockwise.  In some cases, the star will change positions, move down into earth and back up, or come to rest on the surface.  In the latter case, the vortex tip will be down and the rotation will probably be clockwise, as viewed from above.  In any case, debris will be sucked in (from the sides) and up into the vortex and will be burned in the Star at its tip.  These vortices are stable structures and will remain, without further attention, as permanent "clearing stations."  Their purpose is to clear the astral plane.

Since the buddhic columns of fire and the anchoring vortex are already a part of the planetary network, the effort of the disciple is one of moving an established vortex, rather than creating a new one. So, technically when we say that we are building a Buddhic column in a specific location we are actually only moving one and either expanding or decreasing its size.  It only requires the cooperation of the Great Deva of the Buddhic Plane.  If you are anchoring a Buddhic column alone rather than in a group, you should have your own central channel built because the Buddhic thread used to construct it will go through your channel. This requirement may not apply to Buddhic columns built by a group. 

How to "Build" a Buddhic Column

1. Say the Soul Mantram and link soul star to star with your or other groups.

2. Say "As the personality absorbed by the Soul and as the Soul absorbing the personal self, I (we) invoke the One.  As the One, centered in the white light of the One, I (we) link with the Great Deva of the Buddhic plane.  With the cooperation of the Deva, I (we) draw the planetary network into this institution or place with the standing, purifying vortex beneath the 5-pointed Star of the World Teacher or the Christ." Place the Star above the location. Pause while it is being placed. With the assistance of the Great Deva of the Buddhic plane, a thread of Buddhic substance is brought down through the 5-pointed Star and deep into the Earth, where it is anchored into the network. The energies of red or green may appear to help anchor the Buddhic thread.  If this occurs and is recognized, you may assist by invoking the required color energy.

3. Picture a spinning standing vortex of energy around the buddhic column like the one shown in Figure 9 above which transmutes any of the lower vibrations and carries them up and into the five-pointed star for transmutation.

4.  Imagine that the newly established Buddhic Column is linked into the network by sending lines of light from the 5-pointed star of the newly established Buddhic Column to the stars of other Buddhic Columns in the planetary network.

5. Once the thought-form is made and implemented by the Devas, you need not pay anymore attention to the result.  As was mentioned earlier, Buddhic columns are stable structures and will remain, without further attention, as permanent "clearing stations."

Christan Hummel was a member of the Rainbow Bridge Prototype group where she and I both learned how to build Buddhic columns.  On her website, she also describes how to build a Buddhic column as well as some of the group projects we participated in as members of the Rainbow Bridge Prototype Group.  One of the projects involved working with the Deva's to stabilize the San Andreas fault. When we as humans learn to work cooperatively with the Deva's / Angels, truly amazing feats can be accomplished.


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