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N.D.'s Clairvoyant Observations on the Use of the Soul Invocation and the Soul Star


You had asked me to write down what colors I see clairvoyantly when I do the soul mantra. They are based on the seeds of information found in the Rainbow Bridge II. On page 50, there is "diagram 8" for the stages of the soul star's development. On pages 92 and 93 there is a description of the visual/colors for the rest of the mantra.
When I first started doing the Soul Mantra and Phase One many years ago, I could see my soul star as a light about the size of a quarter in its place 6 inches above the head as seen in diagram 8. The size has increased tremendously over the years to a sphere about 8 inches in diameter.  
Although it is said that it takes many life times for the Soul Star to increase for an individual, we may be seeing more of this dramatic change in the Soul Star of people who are now beginning this process. As we have left the Piscean Age and crossed the threshold of the Age of Aquarius, there is now an urgency for disciples who are "ripe" to clear their vehicles quickly so they may take their place in service with the Brotherhood. The planetary transformation is also affecting time/space/dimension as this shift is occurring.
Onward to the colors I see ....
When I say "I am the Soul" the size of the Soul Star is consistently the 8 inch sphere. Each day it is different in color and luminosity. Some days it is ...
... white, as soft as a mist lit by a filtered beam in the forest.
... a brilliant glowing sapphire blue
... a pale butter yellow like milk glass
... dark intense red that glows like molten lava
... so intensely white in the center that I cannot bare to look at it directly, with sparks flying from it like a sparkler on the fourth of July.
Occasionally my Soul Star has different colors but these seem to be the main ones. They appear to change according to the needs for the Soul progress on that day. I believe each person experiences their own variety of colors and luminosity according to the wisdom of their individual Soul for their growth and progress.
When I say "I am the Light Divine" the central channel does indeed flash forth. Rather than seeing it fill with the rainbow fire as described in Rainbow Bridge, I see the color that my Soul Star has chosen that day pour through the channel then radiate into my aura or luminous egg.
"I am Love" I will see some shade of pink (it varies daily from a soft ice pink or cotton candy pink to a bright magenta) originating at the core of the Soul Star and flooding the central channel. Again this pink fills the luminous egg.
"I am Will" I consistently see a clear canary yellow light flood the channel and radiate into the aura. Why I don't see the royal purple, brilliant clear red, a white, or indigo blue mentioned in Rainbow Bridge? My belief is that the Soul Star is directing the show and that is what my being needs for its progress and growth at this time. I'm sure others will experience the variety of colors as suggested.
"I am fixed design" My experience with this line is that the four corners of the body (the hips and shoulders) are simultaneously lit with a bright white light. Then the minor chakras at the elbows and hands, knees and feet are lit. Lastly, the seven main chakras are activated one by one, starting at the root chakra and finishing with the crown chakra.
So it seems my experience is similar and in keeping with what is written in Rainbow Bridge, but somewhat different. I imagine this is true for everyone.

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