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  Phase 2:  Karma Transmutation


Figure 7. The causal body of a Rainbow Bridge student                 Figure 8.  The causal body of a fourth degree initiate.

Figure 7 is from Rainbow Bridge II Copyright © 1981                  Figure 8 is from Man Visible and Invisible Copyright ©    

by Two Disciples.                                                                         1925 by C. W. Leadbeater. 

Figure 7 shows the very large causal field of a person who has finished the phase 2 clearing work. The causal field is very large and is filled with energies that have accumulated during the clearing process as a reservoir of power. However, the astral and mental bodies are not organized into bands of color.  In contrast, the aura of a fourth degree initiate or an Arhat is organized in concentric circles of color. To go from Figure 7 to Figure 8 in development requires some additional spiritual practices. One additional meditation practice that will prove helpful for awakening the intuition and developing the capacity to hear the inner voice is "seed thought meditation. Lucille Cedercrans explains this technique on page 46 of The Nature of the Soul which is available as a free downloadable book on the web. Also consider meditation in the cave of  the head described on page 169 of  The Nature of the Soul.  Seed thought meditation on the virtues of the heart is an excellent complement to the Phase 2 Clearing work.  Dr. Carol E. Parrish-Harra has published an award winning series on Meditation (Adventure in Meditation: Spirituality for the 21st Century, Vols. 1,2,3) that in addition to including meditations on the virtues of the heart, includes meditations that use the Soul Star.  While clearing the patterns using the Phase 2 techniques, students can build in the virtues of the soul by meditating on the virtues of the heart. These heart virtues are really qualities of the soul.  Figure 8 is given to put the Rainbow Bridge clearing work in perspective. It will greatly accelerate your progress but can not take you all the way to enlightenment without the use of some additional meditation techniques such as seed thought meditation.  However, having completed the clearing process, most of the obstacles to union with your Soul will  have been removed and your progress toward enlightenment will be greatly accelerated.  The combination of Phase 2 clearing and daily seed thought meditation will lead you to your inner Teacher who will guide you further along the Path.

Why do phase 2 clearing?

Part 4 Sutra 34. "When through the removal of the hindrances and the purification of all the sheaths, the totality of knowledge becomes available, naught further remains for the man to do."  Patanjali Yoga Sutras 

Before union with the Soul can be achieved, the lower vehicles (etheric, emotional, and mental) must be purified. Figure 1 shows the magnitude of the impurities and thought-forms of low frequency matter found in the typical rainbow bridge student before the clearing process has been started. These patterns of networked thought-forms form a cage-like barrier between you and your environment.

As mentioned earlier, the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul has written about these thought forms and impurities in the aura. "Much of the ineffectiveness of people is due to the fact that their interests are not centralized but very diffuse, and no one thing engrosses their attention. They scatter their energy and are attempting to satisfy every wandering desire, and to dabble in everything which comes their way. Therefore, no thought they think ever assumes proper form, or is ever duly energized. They are consequently surrounded by a dense cloud of half-formed disintegrating thought forms and clouds of partially energized matter in process of dissolution. This produces occultly a condition similar to the decay of a physical form, and is equally unpleasant and unwholesome. It accounts for much of the diseased condition of the human family at this time." (p.975, Treatise on Cosmic Fire). Also see additional quotes by the Tibetan Master on thought-forms here.

These disintegrating thought-forms carried over from life to life stand between you and your higher self and cause distortions in  your perceptions of reality and ideals.  The authors of the Rainbow Bridge books observed that while these thought-forms exist, downpours of energy from the Soul are deflected by them.  Although every sincere prayer is always answered, the clutter of thought-forms around you may either block your reception of the answer or distort it.  And even if you perform an invocation, you may not be able to absorb much of the energy.   

The authors also clairvoyantly observed that the attempts of yoga, prayer, affirmation, invocation, use of the sacred word (OM), etc are relatively useless by comparison to those same techniques practiced by disciples free of observable hindrances and obstacles (which clutter the aura of all occult teachers they have seen).

Since these thought-forms represent karma to be worked out by the individual, the elimination of them from the field of the student can save lifetimes of incarnated effort. Thus, the authors of the Rainbow Bridge conclude that karma can be changed or neutralized by clearing these patterns through the use of Soul energy.

In addition to burning karma, the phase 2 clearing work causes positive changes in the electromagnetic field, in the atomic structure of the body, and along the the threads or nadis which compose the etheric body. These results are in line with the requirements for liberation stated by the Tibetan Master DK.

The Tibetan Master has stated that:

 .... the liberation of the soul or ego comes about when its work of salvaging matter (through utilizing it and building it into forms) has been carried forward to a desired point. It is not primarily due to the attainment of a certain spiritual stature by the man and the demonstration of certain spiritual qualities. This desired stature and these spiritual qualities are manifested when the vehicles have been "occultly saved", and matter has thus been transformed, transmuted and symbolically "raised up into heaven". When the vehicles vibrate in unison with the soul, then is liberation achieved (p. 51, Esoteric Psychology, Vol. II.

 The Types of the Thought-Forms and Their Locations on the Body

The thought-forms can be divided into five types which are located in five different zones of the body:

1. Those above the head and down as far as the neck which are in the nature of false or outgrown ideas or ideals. They relate to customs, rules of conduct, commandments, idols, angels, Gods, and high motivations of all kinds.  They remain even when outgrown and replaced by later development.  Unless they are eliminated, they form a barrier between you and the true ideas needed for further spiritual growth.

2. Those above the neck and upper back, shoulders and chest which relate to negative and positive ideas about self-worth. These patterns are emotional in nature.

3. Those around the midsection of the body relate to destructive feelings like hate, fear, anger, extreme selfishness, possessive love, and feelings of self-sacrifice and martyrdom. These are called the emotional images.

4. Those gathered in the lower torso area and the about the hips and lower back relate to survival instincts which are rooted in fear, e.g. self-preservation, herding, sex, self-assertion, the sense of possession, and the belief that one is separate. These are the instinctual images of the etheric physical vehicle.

5. The patterns clustered around the feet represent conditions in life a person would like to run away from but cannot. They inhibit action and motion on the physical plane and actually inhibit movement in ways which affect the body itself as it ages.

Unless these patterns are removed, they will eventually be stimulated into action by your interactions with your environment. These thought-forms act as magnets and attract to you the quality, and circumstances that harmonize with the vibration of the original thought-form. Fear and hateful thought-forms attract negative experiences to you in order to release the negative energy stored in the thought-form.  When thought-forms are activated by your interactions with your environment and relationships with the external world, the activation is called horizontal activation.  Rather than activate the thought-form horizontally, the phase 2 clearing work utilizes the vertical stimulation of the Soul to disintegrate the thought-form. This shattering process releases the energy that was trapped in the thought-form for use by you and your Soul. It is stored in the causal field as shown in figure 7 above.  The low vibration debris from the thought-form is removed from your aura for use by the lower kingdom by using the spiritual whirlwind.

Word Form Clearing Process

The phase 2  Word Form clearing process involves the use of 36 verbs (do, be, have, etc.) that were empirically selected for their thought-form activation potential. Each verb is used sequentially in a series of 64 sentences.  The verbs and 64 sentences are designed to cover most human relationships. One sentence is used at a time to activate a thought-form related to the verb chosen. After the Soul is invoked, as the sentence is spoken, it activates related thought-forms with an energy of a similar but much higher frequency than was stored in the original thought- form.  By analogy, if the thought-form was tuned to the musical note, middle C, the Soul would activate it with C an octave or two higher.  This higher energy will cause the thought-form to shatter and release the energy it imprisoned.

An example of a sentence using the verb "do" is shown below.

" I never desire to do anything for you and I always desire to do everything for you."

The authors of the Rainbow Bridge II have noted:

The lines are keys which unlock karmic residue so the Soul energy can destroy the old forms and redeem the energy locked up in them -- that same energy which impels the student into emotional turmoil and mental confusion or stress.  Thus, the Phase II process is a way in which karma can be changed without "living it out" -- and we know of no other way (RB II, p. 183).

Complete details for this technique are given on this website. See Phase 2 Word Form Clearing. Also, the Phase 2 Soul Star clearing technique is given on this website. See the section on Soul Star Clearing below.

Phase 2 clearing work should not be started until the widening phase of the central channel has been completed.

If the clearing process is continued after the external patterns are removed, it will also begin to remove the internal patterns. Norman and Josephine Stevens also modified the clearing process to make it more effective in removing the internal patterns.  Some people refer to the process of clearing the internal patterns as Rainbow Bridge 3.   

Soul Star Clearing: An Alternative to the 36 Verbs and Line Form  Phase Two Clearing Process   

The Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul has stated "The highest and the newest method (of healing) is that of calling into positive activity a man's own soul.  The true and the future healing is brought about when the life of the soul can flow without any impediment and hindrance throughout every aspect of the form nature.  It can then vitalize it with its potency, and can also eliminate those congestions and obstructions which are such a fruitful source of disease" (p. 17, Esoteric Healing).
The above quote is a very close description of  the of Soul Star Clearing  technique described below.

An alternative to the Phase 2 word form clearing process, after first saying the Soul Invocation, is to move the Soul Star from its normal position, 6  inches above the head to the Earth Star as described in the Daily Alignment, Centering and Clearing Exercise.  However, instead of moving it straight up and down the Central Channel 3 times, do it 12 or more times followed by the vortex for at least 3 minutes. For those who do not want to count repetitions, you can set a timer for 3 or 4 minutes to move the Soul Star through the central channel.  As you move it up and down the channel visualize the Soul Star radiating light from its center with a brightness and width large enough to reach the periphery of your auric field. The soul Star radiates a flat spinning circular laser-like disc of light to the periphery of your aura. Hold the intention that as the Soul Star moves up and down the central channel spinning clockwise at very high speed, its 360 degree radiating light and sound impresses the rhythm of your soul's note on the devic substance of all of your vehicles (physical, emotional, mental) gradually tuning them to their original note in harmony with your Soul's purpose. As it moves through the aura and the body, it transmutes the internal and external patterns to light. When the soul star is radiating in this manner it gives the appearance of a spinning flying saucer made of light (See Figure 8B below).

Figure 8B. Depiction of Spinning Soul Star

The light of the Soul embodied in the Soul Star is radiatory and when it permeates substance, it changes it. Gradually, the substance is changed to light. 

Figure 8C. Shows the Soul Star during the phase 2 clearing process

Graphic illustrated by William Moore Copyright © 2008


During the Soul Star Clearing Process, the Soul Star radiates a flat spinning disc of  light to the periphery of the aura as it impresses your soul's note on the substance of your three lower vehicles and gradually transmutes the patterns.

One of the three members of the Washington DC Rainbow Bridge Group that chose to participate in the evaluation of the alternative clearing technique of simply moving the Soul Star through the Central Channel 12 times per session followed by the spiritual whirlwind for 5-7 minutes describes her experiences below. D.H. has the ability to observe the movement of the Soul Star through her vehicles as she moves the Soul Star up and down the Central Channel.  The description that follows is D.H.'s experience in her own words.

DH's description of her experience of the alternate Soul Star Clearing technique: "My Soul Star enters the central channel as a star, that is, as a round, bright light which radiates a wider circle of white light. The  glow of my Soul Star or its extending light, permeates my being and is bright beyond my body to the aura.  It  moves up and down the central channel spinning clockwise, more slow at certain points than others, such as at the feet, knees, abdomen and upper chest below the base of the neckline, slowly flooding light outward beyond the central channel through and beyond the physical body. After the meditation, there is a sensation at some of the areas where my Soul Star slows while proceeding through the channel."

Progress report on the Alternative Soul Star Clearing Technique  

The data are in and the results were much better than expected.  The alternate Soul Star clearing process was effective in removing both internal and external patterns simultaneously.  This result was expected because the Soul Star clearing process works from the inside out. It radiates its light from the central channel through the internal patterns to the external patterns and to the periphery of the aura.  What I did not realize was that this process actually clears the internal patterns faster than it clears the external patterns.  This was true for two of the three students who tested the alternate clearing process. One student who had cleared 75% of the internals but only 40% of the externals had not always held the intent that the light of the Soul Star was radiating out to the periphery of the aura. The studentís technique has since been corrected.


The results of our three year test of this technique indicate that all three volunteers were successful in removing 40%, 75%, and 85% of their internal patterns, respectively and  50, 40, and 60% of their external patterns, respectively.  While all of the students noticed an increase in their intuitive abilities, two of the students observed this increase to be dramatic. All three students eliminated the cage within a one or two month period. 

Interestingly, of the three students, the oldest one, who was 72 years old when she started, made the most progress by removing 85% of her internal patterns and 60% of her external patterns. She accomplished this result by moving the Soul Star through the Central channel 33 times per session instead of the minimum recommended 12 times per session.

We offer our sincere appreciation to Ann Meril who volunteered to monitor the studentís progress. Ann was one of the channel and pattern monitors in the Rainbow Bridge Prototype group in the 70's and 80's. In addition to Ann, these results have been verified by two other clairvoyants, one in the Washington group and one that has no association with the Rainbow Bridge process.

These results are very encouraging and enable us to recommend this technique to anyone. It also eliminates the concern about the requirement for students who use the line/ word form of clearing to insure the central channel is one inch in diameter before starting the word form clearing process because the alternate Soul Star clearing process is a slight modification of the channel widening process.  The alternate Soul Star clearing process is especially recommended for someone who is working alone and who does not have a channel checker available to clairvoyantly check their channel. By the daily use of this technique, your channel will automatically be completed and widened over time. 

In addition, this process of clearing is entirely different from the line form / word clearing method.  In the word  form clearing technique, patterns are cleared starting from the outside and moving toward the inside. In contrast, the Soul Star clearing process clears from the inside out.  With the line form technique, the thought forms are exploded. The thought patterns activated depend on the word that is selected.  In the Soul Star clearing process, the patterns gradually fade away (transmuted).  As the Soul Star moves through the aura, it sounds the Om on the individualís Soul note and retunes the substance of the vehicles (physical, emotional, mental) to its original Soulís note. This note contains the blueprint of perfection that will enable the personality vehicles to become a fit vehicle for the expression of spirit. This retuning of the vehicles in essence has the effect of sounding all possible words using the word form analogy.  Our research continues.

Some students may want to use both the word forms and the Soul Star clearing process. For instance, if there are specific types of thoughts you want to target related to love, do, have, give, or receive, then you might want to use the word forms. At other times, you might just want to do a general clearing process using the Soul Star clearing procedure, or you might use both in one session. 

Ann Meril has suggested that students should consider doing the first 3 words (do, have, be)  from the line form technique to accelerate the elimination of the cage and then proceed with the Soul Star clearing process, if they choose to. By removing the obstruction created by the cage, the radiation from the Soul Star clearing process will be able to clear the patterns more quickly. In addition, since the word forms tend to remove the externals first and the Soul Star radiation tends to remove more of the internals first, the combination of doing 3 words (do, have, be) followed by Soul Star clearing may accelerate the clearing process. However, as our data has shown, if the student chooses, he will also have success in removing external and internal patterns by using the Soul Star Clearing process alone.

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