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Figure 5. The Spiritual Whirlwind

Click to see video on the Spiritual Whirlwind

The Spiritual Whirlwind or Etheric Vortex

The spiritual whirlwind is a tool of the Soul that can be invoked by you, the personality. Its basic use is to sweep loose debris from your aura. It can also be used to transmit energies of higher vibration from the Soul to the lower vehicles. The process of building the Central  Channel by using the Soul Star creates debris as it burns through emotional and mental thought forms clogging your channel. This debris needs to be removed from your aura at the close of any session that involves moving the Soul Star through the Central Channel. This is true whether you are building the Central Vertical Channel or widening it after you have completed building the Central Channel.

The spiritual whirlwind may also be used to clear debris from your aura that you pickup during the day as a result of being in close proximity to groups of people.  Suggested times to use the Spiritual Whirlwind are:

1. At the end of a session of Soul Star work on the Central Channel

2. After being in a crowd of people such as shopping malls, airplanes, subways, theaters, and night clubs, etc.

3. After doing healing or body work on an individual

4. To invoke specific qualities of energy from the Soul

5. At the beginning of a group or public meditation  (An individual can vortex a room full of people if they are not familiar with the technique.)

6. At the end of the work day to regain your center after returning home from work.


How to Use the Spiritual Whirlwind     

You can invoke the vortex by identifying as the Soul ( "I am the Soul") and  focusing your mind about 30 feet above your head and saying "In the wisdom of the Soul, I invoke the spiritual whirlwind." Visualize a spinning whirlwind of energy similar in shape to the funnel of a tornado. See the whirlwind rotating clockwise (from left to right if you live in the Northern hemisphere) as it moves downward through the aura. If you live in the Southern hemisphere visualize the spinning whirlwind rotating counter-clockwise (from right to left).  The tip or lowest point of the spiritual whirlwind follows the Central Channel. The color of the vortex is usually white. As the vortex sweeps through the aura it picks up loose debris floating in your aura from the clearing work and contacts from the environment and carries them deep into the earth, about 30 feet below the Earth Star, where they can be utilized by lower evolving life forms.  When it drops its load into the earth, it simply ceases to move and exist and disappears. A new whirlwind must be invoked by you. This process is continued for about five minutes or until you feel that your aura is clear. The size and speed of the vortex is controlled by the Soul. As the whirlwind sweeps debris out of your aura, it also fills it with the light of higher more rarified energies from the highest subplane of the  lower mental, emotional and physical etheric planes.

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