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Figure 4. Triangulation Path Used by the Soul Star to Build the Central Channel and to Create the Substitute Centers.

What is the Central Channel? 

The Central Channel is a bridge of energy and consciousness between highest spirit and lowest matter. It is a conduit through which the life of the Spirit and the consciousness of the Soul flows.  The Central Channel is also known as the Rainbow Bridge or the antahkarana (inner ear or internal organ of consciousness).  

 The completed antahkarana contains 5 strands of energy. Two threads are put down by the Higher Self. The life thread, also known as the silver chord, or sutratma (thread of the atma) extends from the Monad or spark of the One Life within to the "physical permanent atom" of the heart. The consciousness thread extends from the Soul to the pineal gland in the head. It is for this reason that the pineal gland is known as the seat of the Soul. The last three strands of the antahkarana are collectively known as the creative thread and are projected upward in consciousness by you, the personality. These strands must be consciously built by you. You become a conscious creator when you complete the development of  your antahkarana.  As the Central Channel is enlarged to at least one inch in diameter, a rainbow colored flow of energy can be clairvoyantly observed in the Central Channel, hence, the name Rainbow Bridge. The lower portion of the Rainbow Bridge from the crown center to the base of the spine is called the sushumna. The chakras or centers of energy are normally located along the sushumna channel and are stimulated into greater awakening by the development of the Rainbow Bridge and the Soul.  The white vertical line in figure 3 shows the Central Vertical channel rising high above the Soul Star and deep into Earth beneath the Earth Star.  See page 96-97, RBII, and The Rays and Initiations, p.441- 501 for more information on the antahkarana.

The Central Channel actually is already present in the body. However, it is clogged with various low grade energies that relate to emotional and mental complexes carried over from past life times. As a result of the large load of emotional and mental blockages in the aura, the chakras have been pushed outside of the body and are not located along the Central Channel. The energy centers referred to in figure 4 are not the chakras but substitute sensitive points for them. Later, when the emotional and mental complexes are removed from the body the chakras will move into their normal positions along the Central Channel. The authors of the Rainbow Bridge book refer to these distortions as external and internal patterns.  External patterns are the distortions visible in the aura and on the surface of the body. Internal patterns are blockages and distortions that are located inside the body and interfere with the function of the organs of the body.

The building of the Central Vertical Channel is both a personal work and a planetary service.  The substance of the body that you ensoul as an individual is part of the body of the planet.  The planet is a living entity with a consciousness.  The intelligence aspect of the planet is called the Planetary Logos.  Your Central Channel forms part of the Central Channel of the Planetary Logos.

Warning: Once you start to build the Central Channel, you cannot change your mind halfway through the process and quit without some adverse consequences.  Since the channel is initially clogged with psychic debris, if you were to clear it to the point of the solar plexus, for example, and decide to quit, energy from the Soul would begin to enter your body and congest at that point. The authors of the Rainbow Bridge I, p.78, told about a Zen initiate they had met who had unconsciously built the Central Channel using Zen techniques only to the solar plexus and as a result experienced congestion and decades of suffering.  They stated "Dispersion of the energy midway down the torso produced all kinds of physical disease because of too rapid clearing and congestion.  The Channel must be completed into the earth to function properly and without any unfavorable effects on the physical body."  The Zen initiate was cured of her health problems when she did the Rainbow Bridge work and widened the central channel all the way down to the earthstar center, six inches below the feet.  If you cannot make the commitment to allocate 15-20 minutes per day for the approximately two months it takes to build the Central Channel and the six to eight weeks it takes to widen it, then you should postpone building the Central Channel until you have the time.  

How to Build the Central Channel

1. Invoke the Soul by speaking each line of the Soul Mantram aloud. Pause after each line to feel the down pour of light.  From this point on, act as if you are the Soul as you perform the following steps.

2. Optional, but desirable. If working with a Rainbow Bridge group, link Soul Star to Soul Star with your group members whether they are physically present or not.  The group link adds power to your personal process.  Per your preference, you may also link to the Spiritual Hierarchy, and any fully enlightened spiritual master or saint with which you are affiliated such as Christ or as he is known in the east Lord Maitreya, Buddha, Krishna, Shiva, Imam Mahdi, etc.

3. Focus your attention in the Soul Star six inches above the head. Feel the radiance of the Soul Star and imagine that it is shining as bright as the Sun. In time you will actually feel the radiance of the Soul Star.

4. Mentally move the Soul Star diagonally forward to a position just in front of the eyes. Then move it straight into the center of the head, and slowly move the Soul Star straight upward to its normal   position six inches above the head. Repeat the triangulation three or four more times (See figure 4).  In the beginning, only the first triangle (involving the center between the eyes) should be formed for the first two weeks. The Soul Star should be moved slowly  and deliberately up the channel because it is literally burning away hindering thought forms and emotional blockages to open a channel for the flow of higher energies.

See new Video on Building the Central Channel as described in step 4 at here.  

5. End each session by invoking the Spiritual Whirlwind or Etheric Vortex  to clear any loose debris from the aura.  Do the vortex for about 5 minutes. See video on the vortex at here.

This procedure should be followed for each of the sensitive points shown in figure 4. In the 3rd week, two more points can be added, the throat and the heart.  Do three or four sessions on the throat and then move on to the heart for three or four days.  The fourth week add the solar plexus, the fifth week add the sacral center; the sixth week and the base of the spine. Each week thereafter, add one or two of the remaining points (at the knees, the soles of the feet, and the Earth Star, six inches below the feet) until all of the triangles have been made and the Central Channel is completely through the body and anchored to the Earth.

Resource for getting the Central Channel Checked.     

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