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The Power of Thought

by Ronald B. Tiggle, PhD.

Power of Thought. Your thoughts create your future. Positive thoughts create positive outcomes. Fearful thoughts attract to you the very thing you fear. A key to the success of self-transformation is knowledge of the meaning of the phrase "Energy follows thought."  Subtle matter (etheric, emotional, mental) can be manipulated through thought.  Whenever you have a thought, you provide a blueprint to the form builders in the subtle world to manifest your intention or desire. The form builders are the elementals which are evolving toward matter or darkness and Deva or Angel kingdom which are evolving toward Spirit or Light. Humans contain both, hence our innate conflict. Whatever thought you think, the form builders or the thought-form carpenters automatically seek to manifest it by ensouling the thought with their essence.  Thus, thoughts are living, radiating entities whose life duration is a function of the vitality of the thought-form. Repeated thought-forms are constantly charged with vitality and thus have a longer life and greater power to affect their environment.  A clearly visualized and repeated mental picture will always manifest physically. If it is a harmful thought it will be ensouled with involutional elemental substance, if beneficial, it will be ensouled with angelic/devic substances.  Through this process over many life times your aura is built.  Thus, you are your own absolute law giver, the decreer of your life, your reward, and your punishment. By your habitual thoughts, you develop the consciousness of either a saint, full of radiant light or a demon, blinded by his own self-created darkness. 

Japa or repetition of a divine name of God is an example of a repeated thought-form that will fill your aura with angelic substance and light. Meditation on the virtues of the heart (patience, compassion, love, service, etc) is another example of a repeated thought that will literally build that virtue into your consciousness so that you actualize the virtue as a result of literally building the devic substance of that quality into your mental and emotional vehicles. 

TheTibetan Master Djwhal Kuhl stated the following:

"I wonder if the students have any idea how the ideals I seek to bring to their attention could illumine their lives if they took them into their "brooding consciousness" for the space even of a month.  This aspect of consciousness is the correspondence in the soul body to the mother aspect, as it broods over, guards and eventually brings to the birth the Christ aspect. Lives are changed primarily by reflection; qualities are developed by directed conscious thought; characteristics are unfolded by brooding consideration. To all this I call your attention" (p.303-304, Esoteric Psychology, Vol 2).

The Soul is a Deva (Angelic) Master and can control and transform all of the elemental and devic substance in your lower vehicles. Its instrument, the Soul Star, is also a deva and aids the Soul in its work of purification and vivification of the personality vehicles.  The chakras are the Soul's instruments of expression in the physical, emotional, and mental world.  When conditions are right, it is the Soul that awakens the chakras, and cooperates with the lower self in purifying the vehicles. Hence, success in meditation is increased when it is performed with Soul focus.  

Visualization is the first step in the demonstration of the principle "energy follows thought."  It provides the pattern or blueprint that energy must follow.  The ability to make clear powerful thought forms is a learned skill and according to the Tibetan Master, 85% of humanity lack that skill. The following two books provide exercises you can practice to improve your ability to make effective thought forms: 1. The Master Key by Charles Haanel and 2. Wisdom of the Mystic Masters by Joseph Weed.

One of the most practical ways I know of making your thought-forms manifest is to create goals and objectives to guide your life and your actions. This approach has been almost universally embraced by business management where it is known as management by objectives (MBO). One of my favorite advocates of this method is Stephen R. Covey who advocates an ethically principled and values guided approach to goal setting. In the spiritual world, ethical principles and values are called virtues. When your goals are guided by principles like honesty, harmlessness, compassion, integrity, etc. they insure that whatever goal you set will be achieved by right means. The means you use to achieve your goals are very important because they effect the quality and karmic consequences of the outcome.  No goal is worth achieving if it cost you your Soul.  To strive for a noble goal such as freedom by any means necessary is very unwise. Why is this the case?  Every goal starts as a thought and in the seeds of every action can also be found its demise. When you create a goal you build a thought-form that is filled with energy of the quality of the goal. If the goal is motivated by very selfish motives such as anger or greed, the energy used to create the thought-form will be built from energy in the lower chakras. The energy of the lower chakras are lower in vibration and always bring with them (according to the Tibetan Master) karmic consequences (usually negative). If the motive is one of love or some high motive, the thought-form will be charged with light from the higher chakras and will manifest your goal in a harmless manner to the degree that your thought has been motivated by right motive.  Thought-forms are the energetic blue prints for your goals. And since they are energy, they constantly add substance either elemental or angelic to your vehicles as you daily contemplate your goals.  This has the effect of either expanding your awareness or contracting it.  Thus, if you chose to become wealthy by defrauding and bankrupting others, then it would be better that you forego achieving wealth by that means because the karmic suffering you would incur would not be worth the gain.  Remember the seeds for your suffering are built into the original thought-form right from the start.  By the same token, if you chose to achieve wealth through providing a service that bettered society and contributed to the greater good then you would experience much better results.  Thought-forms help you achieve your goals as well as the karmic consequences of those goals through their inherent magnetic quality. They simply attract to you circumstances and situations that vibrate to the quality of energy that you have built into the thought-form.  This is an important consideration when you are planning to meditate on a goal or affirmation for an extended period of time because overtime it will become more and more potent in its ability to help you or harm you.  The goal of the Rainbow Bridge work is to cleanup many of the mistaken thought-forms you created in your past.  

Hopefully, in the not too distant future, the political leaders of the world will learn that a lasting peace can not be achieved through violent means and that joint outcomes are maximized through cooperation and minimized through competition and antagonism.

Check out an overview of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey. Remember, in life if you don't have a destination any road will take you there and that is a road to nowhere.

 More on thoughts by James Allen are here. Quotes by the Tibetan Master on thought forms can be found here.  How our thought affect the structure of water is shown here. After reading the article on water, try making your own holy water with spiritual thoughts, prayers or your favorite mantra; and in the future, make it a point to bless your bottled water before you drink it or cook with it.  An excellent book on the nature of thought forms is Thought Forms by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater. Paintings of thought forms from the book can be found here. The Tibetan's book of rules for building thought-forms is A Treatise on White Magic.

Copyright 2003-2008  Ronald B. Tiggle, Ph.D.  All rights reserved.

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