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There are at all times those who are characteristically expressing one or another of all these various stages and states of consciousness. There are but a few on earth today, who are capable of expressing as low a state of relative development, as the Lemurian consciousness. There are a few at the extreme end of the Way, who are expressing divine perfection, and in between these two extremes are all possible grades of development and unfoldment.

Man is therefore, (from the angle of force expression), a mass of conflicting energies, and an active centre of moving forces, with a shift of emphasis constantly going on, and with the aggregation of the numerous streams of energy, presenting a confusing kaleidoscope of active interrelations, inter-penetration, internecine warfare, and interdependence, until such time as the personality forces (symbolic of divine multiplicity), are subdued, or "brought into line" by the dominant soul. That is what we really mean by the use of the word "alignment". This alignment results from:

  1. The control of the personality by the soul.
  2. The downpouring of soul energy, via the mental and emotional bodies, into the brain, thus producing the subjugation of the lower nature, the awakening of the brain consciousness to soul awareness, and a new alignment of the bodies. (15 - 340).
  3. The right arrangement, according to ray type, of the energies which are motivating and dynamically arousing the centres into activity. This leads eventually to a direct alignment of the centres upon the spine, so that soul energy can pass up and down through the centres, from the directing centre in the head. Whilst this process of soul control is being perfected, (and the time consumed is, from the angle of the limiting personality consciousness, of vast duration), the ray types of the vehicles steadily emerge, the ray of the personality begins to control the life, and finally the soul ray begins to dominate the personality ray, and subdue its activity.

Eventually, the monadic ray takes control, absorbing into itself the rays of the personality and of the soul (at the third and fifth initiations), and thus duality is finally and definitely overcome, and "only the One Who is remains." (15 - 341).

For aspirants and disciples, the immediate task ahead is:

  1. To bring about the at-one-ment of soul and body, through the medium of alignment.
  2. To build the antahkarana, using the six modes or means outlined by me previously, and thus evoke response to the Triad. The thought of Alignment - Invocation - Evocation are the three major ideas for you to hold in mind as we proceed with this study. (18 - 498).

Aspirants and probationary disciples are occupied with a definite process of focussing their consciousness in the soul. This process falls into two parts:

  1. An intensification of the personality life, so that it is developed to its highest individualistic powers.
  2. A process of moving forward into the light, and of conscious soul contact.

This involves the earlier stage of the alignment process, which is a mode of focussed, concentrated effort, according to the ray and life purpose of the soul. This may take the form of a profound application to some scientific endeavour, or a deep concentration on the spiritual work of the world, or it may be a complete dedication to humanitarian effort; it matters not. I would call your attention to that statement. In every case the motivating power must be betterment; it must be carried forward by extreme effort; but - given right motive and the effort to develop simultaneously a good character and a stable purpose - the aspirant or probationary disciple will eventually find that he has succeeded in establishing a definite soul relation; he will have discovered that the path of contact between soul and brain, via the mind, has been opened, and that he has mastered the first stage in the needed alignment process. (18 - 500/1).

You have been apt to think of alignment in terms of the process whereby the personality is brought into relation with the soul. This is entirely accurate, yet alignment is a term which in reality covers four processes:

  1. The alignment of soul and personality, resulting in a conscious relation to the Kingdom of God.
  2. The alignment of soul and personality with the Ashram, resulting in a conscious relation with the Master of the Ashram.
  3. The alignment of the initiate of higher degree with the Spiritual Triad and the consequent result of a recognition of monadic energy.
  4. The alignment of all the centres in the etheric body of the disciple. This results in the ability of these centres to register and transfer energies which enter into the lower mechanism as a consequence of the three higher alignments - listed above. (6 - 152/3).


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