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Protective Techniques: Invoking Protective Energies from the Soul Star


Protection begins with a use of the Soul Mantram, which produces an objective identification with the Soul. Each line evokes a response from your higher self in the form of light. Click here for more on this topic.

Golden Light. Golden light is a protective energy.  It lifts up all that can or will be raised and eliminates that which hinders.  On the outer field, it becomes a powerful protection from environmental hazards. 

To build a protective globe of energy on the outside of the field to shield you from accidents and intruding harmful forces, the Golden light should be invoked from the Soul Star.  This energy is invoked by identifying with the Soul. "I am the Soul. As the Soul, I invoke the Golden Light." Visualize the energy coming from the Soul Star filling the central channel and irradiating your physical, emotional, mental vehicles and causal field with Golden Light. Also see the Golden Light as a protective globe of energy on the outside of your aura  When this technique is performed on a daily basis it builds up in the energy field and will protect you against negative environmental impacts.

Silver Light.  The Silver light is a nourishing, sustaining energy.  It promotes growth, heightens responsiveness, and increases sensitivity to impression and subjective awareness.  It decreases emotionalism.

To offset emotional impacts, you should invoke the Silver energy, and draw it down from the Soul Star to fill the central channel.  Visualize the Silver energy radiating outward to form a protective shield or belt of energy around the solar plexus area.  It forms a silver belt completely around the front and back of your body in the region of your solar plexus area.

More information on the use of color healing and protection with the Soul Star can be found starting on page 72 of the Bridge to Superconsciousness PDF Extract on this site.

Other Protective Techniques

Spiritual Vortex. This tool can be used throughout the day to sweep any loose psychic debris from your energy field that you may have picked up from others.  It is especially useful when you have been around a large group of people or if your work involves close contact with others such as psychotherapist, physical therapists, dentist, and massage therapists, etc. Click here for more info.

Standing Vortex / Buddhic Column. This tool can be used to purify a specific location of low emotional or mental energy. It is especially useful for clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, and massage therapists and healers to build a standing vortex in their office. As they work with patients, the aura of their patients will be continually cleared of negative emotional and mental energies. It will also aid in protecting the therapist from picking up negative energies and thoughts from their patients. Completion of the central channel is a prerequisite for building a standing vortex. Read more

Mantram of Unification.

"These words may seem inadequate, but said with power and an understanding of their significance and with the potency of the mind and heart behind them, they can prove unbelievably potent in the life of the one who says them. They will produce also an effect in his environment, and the accumulated effects in the world, as you spread the knowledge of the formula, will be great and effective. It will change attitudes, enlighten the vision and lead the aspirant to fuller service and to a wider cooperation based upon sacrifice. My brothers, you cannot evade the sacrifice in the long run, even if you have evaded it until now." (p.142, Externalization of the Hierarchy). 

Mantram of Unification

The sons of men are one
 and I am one with them,
I seek to love, not hate;
I seek to serve and not exact due service;
I seek to heal not hurt.

Let pain bring due reward of light and love.
Let the Soul control the outer form and life and all events,
And bring to light the love that underlies the happenings of the time.

Let vision come and insight.
Let the future stand revealed.
Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone.
Let love prevail.
Let all men love.



References: Rainbow Bridge II by Two Disciples p. 185-189, and Bridge to Superconsciousness by Rick Prater, p. 72-76.  

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